Remote Deposit Capture

The Remote Deposit Capture system will enable you to send deposits directly to the bank securely through a high speed Internet connection. We will install a scanner along with new software on your computer and you will immediately be able to make deposits without the hassle of visiting the bank. This system will provide you with speed, accuracy, convenience, and faster access to funds. The monthly fee for this service can be included in your account analysis. There are no per item fees.

Saves Time
Eliminate desk float, trips to the bank and time spent keying in deposit amounts and running tapes.
Saves Money
Cut down on fuel costs and/or courier fees by eliminating trips to the bank.
Makes Money
No more waiting for time to go to the bank. Make your deposits as soon as funds are received. The sooner the deposits are made, the sooner interest is earned.
Make your deposits on your own time from the comfort of your own office.
Simple to use software. An Account Services staff (link to contact page for account services) is available to help you with any questions.
Fewer deposit adjustments since the system is actually reading the check and adding the totals for you.

For more information, or to open an account, please contact Account Services.