Why do I bank at The Business Bank of St. Louis?

Pam Duffy

This bank values personal relationships as much as we do.

For 39 years, we've built our company through repeat business from our regular customers. When recent challenges confronted us, we needed a bank that offered more than 'a single point of contact' to meet all our varied needs. The Business Bank offers me direct access to their staff of experts in everything from cash management to lending to private banking services, all with integrated communications support. Now I have a real team dedicated to all my needs, and I know them all personally.

Pam Duffy

President, Rhodey Construction, Inc.

When it comes to meeting my financing needs for industrial redevelopment and other real estate projects, The Business Bank delivers.

The Business Bank is more flexible than larger banks, and they can move quickly on loans for large projects. I was happy at my previous bank, but for the past ten years The Business Bank has met my financing needs for industrial redevelopment and other real estate projects.

H. Meade Summers III

President, Hilliker Corporation

H Meade Summers III

Steve Randazzo

I feel like we're a part of the vision of this bank.

I knew my marketing company would be a good fit with The Business Bank when the founder came to my office and shared his vision of serving entrepreneurs. The bank has lived up to this promise ever since, and today I enjoy direct access to key decision makers. I often recommend other entrepreneurs to become satisfied Business Bank customers as well.

Steve Randazzo

President, Pro Motion

Our continuous banking relationship since 2002 has supported our growth and successful expansion.

They are truly dedicated to our needs and interests, and we depend on them for their responsiveness and flexibility. We were one of the original customers when the bank first opened, and today the bank handles both our business and private banking needs with the same high level of confidence we have come to expect for the past nine years.

Randy Gunn and Ed Helmsing

Owners, Machine Technology, Inc.

Randy Gunn and Ed Helmsing

Steve Snyder

Trust. Personal Attention. The Business Bank is my business partner and consultant.

I enjoy a long relationship of trust and personal attention from my banker and the team behind him. They understand what I need from my bank and they provide pro-active customer service and financing options that make my life easier.

Steve Snyder

Director, Fleet Holdings LLC

I get direct access to senior leadership.

I appreciate the importance that The Business Bank puts into building strong customer relationships. We count on this bank being there for any of our needs, which is very important to me as our company grows globally. With flexibility, available financial resources and direct access to senior management, The Business Bank is the right fit for us

D. Scot Hunsaker

Managing Partner, Ardent Group

D Scot Hunsaker

Lauren Herring

They are more than our bankers....They are our business partners.

We have built IMPACT Group into a global company that provides human resources services throughout the world. We are recently ranked #323 on the INC 500 list and The Business Bank supported our growth every step of the way. They are always there for us, always meeting our various banking needs - from lending, to international accounts. Whether we need personal service or advice, I have found they are more than our bankers, they are our business partners.

Lauren Herring

President & CEO, IMPACT Group

We have found a committed partner for our banking relationship.

At S.M. Wilson, we are in the relationship business. We build important partnerships with architects, engineers, subcontractors, customers and our bank, because we all need each other to succeed. The Business Bank of St. Louis offers us the right combination of size, service, support and counsel that only a committed partner can provide. Together we are creating a solution-driven mindset for mutual success.

Scott Wilson

President, SM Wilson & Co.

Scott Wilson

John Siefert

They deliver a high level of hands-on service and customer support that meets our needs.

As clients of The Business Bank of St. Louis, we have always felt that they deliver a high level of hands-on customer support. We find the Bank to be responsive, helpful, and appreciative to our needs. The Business Bank actively supports Renaissance Financial Corporation's mission of building personal financial freedom one client relationship at a time.

John Siefert

Financial Advisor & Shareholder, Renaissance Financial Corporation

They work harder than the other banks to understand and support our business.

When we started our business four years ago, we needed a banking partner that could support our business plan and believe in us before we had our first customer. The Business Bank truly appreciates entrepreneurship, and they had a decision-maker customize a solution that has worked very well for us. We share the Bank's philosophy about strong customer service, and we've found their networking opportunities to be uniquely helpful to our success. If you want to do business in St. Louis, The Business Bank is the place to be.

Joe Schweppe

President, Integrated Payroll Services

Joe Schweppe

Diane Breckenridge

Unbelievable Attention and Outstanding Personal Service

Over the past four years, The Business Bank been extremely accommodating to my ever-changing financial services needs. The bank was really there for me during transitions involving my family's businesses. The bank came to my office and listened to me, and I'm grateful for their advice, flexibility and support to this day.

Diane Breckenridge

President, Breckenridge Interiors, Inc.

For Personal Relationships and Responses

I had no personal relationships at my previous bank. At The Business Bank of St. Louis, I get outstanding service, truly personal relationships and fast answers to my questions and requests. They are an energetic organization, with a staff that gets deeply involved and also has fun. They have lived up to every expectation I have for a bank.

Dan Wagner

CEO, R.V. Wagner, Inc.

Dan Wagner

A Milton Cornwell III

I Enjoy the Epitome of a Banking Relationship.

Stability of a bank is critically important to us, and this bank has proven to be financially sound and able to meet our needs. They consistently provide creative financial solutions to the unique requirements of our business, which in turn allows our cash to work harder for us. They deliver on the same high level of customer service that they initially promised, and they offer better rates and products than the other banks. We are a privately owned company, and The Business Bank is a very good fit for us.

A. Milton Cornwell, III

Chief Operating Officer, Materialogic