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Stacia Peterson one of St. Louis Small Business Monthly's 100 St. Louisans to Know

The Business Bank of St. Louis's own Stacia Peterson is featured in the April issue of St. Louis Small Business Monthly as one of the top 100 St. Louisan's to Know.  Stacia is a Senior Vice President of Business Development and currently serves as the Division Leader for the Commercial and Industrial lending group.  Below is an excerpt from the publication along with a link to read the entire article.

St. Louis Small Business Monthly
April 2012
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Even after 23 years as a commercial banker, Stacia Peterson still feels the same sense of excitement each time she meets and forms a banking relationship with a business owner.  "Businesses are like people: each one is unique," says Peterson, who is the senior vice president of The Business Bank of St. Louis.  "They all possess a different personality, and what's important to one business is not necessarily...Click Here to continue reading on



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